Glad you took the time to visit my little city!

My name is Nikki Rosales, or simply just Nik. I grew up in Manila, where I took up Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines. I majored in Visual Communication which covers fields of advertising, marketing and editorial design. After I gruaduated, I got a job as an in-house artist for one of the biggest confectionery companies in the country. I do have a sweet tooth, and it helped me get inspired with making candy and chocolate illustrations, logos and cartoon characters for the wrappers and advertising collaterals, including storyboards for TVCs. Currently, I'm levelling up my skills in web design.

I'm an avid foodie. I like exploring various delicacies from street food to restos (as long as my budget allows me to) and take pictures of them. If I'm not holding a spoon or fork, I got my hands on my piano or guitar. Music has been a constant companion to me. Whether it's Rachmaninov, J-pop or Linkin Park, music boosts my mood and motivation when I'm working.

I like drawing, and I'm willing to learn as much as I can to improve. I never really planned to be professionally inclined to the arts, but i guess it started with a childhood fascination--anime and cartoons. Since elementary I was drawing doodles on my notebooks and making comics about characters I watched on TV. And through time, I grew to love designing and illustrating until I decided that this is what I want to do everyday.

Besides, isn't it exciting as a job to make things work better and look prettier? :)

If you're interested in working with me, here's my resume and email.

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